Corporate Registrations

$99 corporate registrationsCorporation or LLC registration in any state for just $99!

Incorporate or register a limited liability company (LLC) in any state, and our fee is just $99, plus state filing fee.

Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to an attorney when we can register your corporation or LLC for just $99?

We also can provide registered or statutory agent service in any state or the District of Columbia for just $99 a year, and that’s whether we set up your company or you already have a company and are tired of paying inflated registered agent fees. Included at no additional charge is your own online dashboard where you can manage all your agent services in one convenient place.

We’ll assist you in setting up your company in a way that best meets your needs and requirements. Full company document packages are just $199 and include bylaws (corporations), operating agreement (LLCs), initial meeting minutes, and a waiver of notice. Discounts are available for multiple companies, too.

Alpha Opportunities has registered hundreds and hundreds of companies nationwide, as well as in offshore jurisdictions, for our many clients. While we recommend Wyoming as the best state in which to register a parent entity, due to the state’s superior asset protection laws, speed of registration, and very reasonable filing and ongoing fees – a fraction of what Nevada or Delaware assesses – we can and do register companies in any state.

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Smart businesspeople and investors know the advantages of operating through a corporation or LLC. It’s the most basic step in protecting assets from litigants and creditors, separates personal and business finances and assets, and often can provide tax and other benefits. Our clients have included domestic and overseas real estate investors and businesspeople, and our high rate of repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals is the result of our commitment to personalized, tireless customer service. It’s that commitment to providing top service, more even than our competitive rates, that inspires our clients’ loyalty and which brings them back to us time and again.


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Read what some of our clients have said about Alpha Opportunities and our commitment to service:

“Nothing I could write – no matter how many pages of praise and compliments I could put together – would do justice to the way I feel about your ongoing help and support. No matter how many testimonials, I could never repay you for your help and kindness.”

– Anne Trounson, Investor, Victoria, Australia

“Your knowledge of U.S. business registrations is first-rate. That, combined with a tremendous amount of energy, ensured I was able to get my U.S. investment vehicle off the ground in a matter of days.”

– Robert D. Parvin, Technology Executive and Investor, South Australia, Australia

“I appreciate the personal touch that you offer! I want to thank you for the years of unmatchable customer service. Thank you, as always, for all of your time, thorough explanations, and sincerity in keeping me as a customer! You have helped me greatly over the years.”

– Geoff Brown, Real Estate Broker, North Carolina, USA

“I first heard of Frank about four years ago when I started investing in the USA. A friend recommended his services for establishing companies. At this point Frank has created five companies for me in the U.S. and another two elsewhere. His services have always been of the best quality, his mail forwarding service is outstanding, and his advice is priceless.”

– Witold Dudkiewicz, Investor, Warsaw, Poland