Real Estate Marketing Partner Services

Real Estate Marketing PartnerAlpha Opportunities can serve as your marketing partner when selling or buying properties. We do this legally, ethically, and efficiently, and have assisted a number of our regular clients and others in both buying and selling properties in a range of markets around the country.

If you have a property you want to sell in any market, we can assist you. We would expose your property to our many investor clients, draw on the large nationwide real estate groups we’re part of, and also use mainstream real estate marketing sites and other resources to market the property. We filter responses and pass on potentially viable ones to you. You’re responsible for responding to those inquiries and negotiating and agreeing to any final sales price and other terms.

If you’re looking to buy in any market, we can assist you, too. We draw on our client and contact bases and other resources for finding the property or properties you’re looking for. We keep abreast of market factors in many metro areas nationwide and so can offer you guidance on what markets to look in and what factors you need to be aware of.

In order to meet the legal requirements of most states, our operating parameters as marketing partner must meet these three requirements:

1. Our fee must be a set amount and not based on a percentage of the sale price.

2. Our fee must be a reasonable amount for the marketing services provided.

3. Our fee must be paid regardless of whether the property sells or not.

In the last case, the fee is paid at closing, so essentially it is only paid when the property sells.

On the sell side, our normal marketing fee begins at just $2,000, which in most cases is a lot less than a standard 6% broker’s real estate commission. You’re still free to also use a broker if you wish, or not, at your option.

On the buy side, fee and process depend on the specific deal. In most cases, our fee is paid by the seller, included in the price. It may vary depending on the value of the property. In any case, if we know what you’re looking for we can refer relevant offers that we regularly get to you for review. There is no fee involved in such referrals.

You can see a sample of our standard Marketing Partner Fee Distribution Agreement here.

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