AlphaBiz LogoAlphaBiz! is our name for the range of services we provide to investors and businesspeople. Our many happy clients across the country and around the world testify to our dedication to customer satisfaction and providing top-quality service. Here are some of the ways we can assist you and your business:

Corporate Registrations – We register corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and other entity forms in any state, as well as in many offshore jurisdictions. This is a basic step in asset protection and also can provide tax benefits. We also offer registered/statutory agent services in every state.

Commercial Mail Service We offer a professional mail service that provides clients with a commercial street address for all their personal and business mail. Whether you’re an overseas client in need of a U.S. street address, a U.S. client seeking the privacy and convenience of a mail service, or either seeking a service to receive and forward your mail and parcels, AlphaBiz! is your choice.

Real Estate Marketing Partner We assist clients both buy and sell properties in top real estate markets across the country. Serving as marketing partner, we’ve helped our clients with property transactions in markets as diverse as Dallas, Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Toledo, with our nationwide and even global reach.

Real Estate Finance Whether you’re buying or refinancing a single property or are planning a major project, our Innovative Lending division can assist you with obtaining finance through the groups we work with. We also put together investment groups and arrange private money lending.

Marketing, Branding, and Internet Services Our subsidiary company A-List Strategic Communication provides a full range of marketing, branding, public relations, and marketing communications services. We also register domain names, provide proprietary email accounts, and offer a range of other Internet services.

Staffing Services Our subsidiary companies Gulfstaff LLC and GulfstaffExecutive can help you obtain the temporary, contract, or permanent team members your business needs, anywhere in the country.