Welcome to the AlphaBiz! Blog

Frank YacendaI’d like to welcome you to the new AlphaBiz! blog. I’ll be using it to share thoughts on various aspects of business and investment that I hope you’ll find both useful and interesting. In fact, I hope you’ll return here frequently, comment and participate, and feel free to raise your questions and share your experiences. And if you have something you think would be of use or interest to other readers, let me know and I might invite you to be a guest poster.

Together I think we can make the a vibrant source for information and ideas.

Be sure to subscribe to the site, too, so you’ll receive notification of all new posts. That way, you won’t miss on any of the topics we’ll be covering here. It’s free and easy to subscribe and I look forward to your participation.

While I won’t be posting on a specific schedule, I’ll do my best to keep things active and lively enough. This is a feature I’ve planned for a long time to offer, and I’m happy I’m finally able to do it.

Once more, welcome!

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