Buying America

Buying America the Right WayBuying America the Right Way tells real estate investors what they need to know to get it right when buying in America. The Foreword is by Than Merrill of FortuneBuilders, and it is the first AlphaBiz! Guide published by Alpha Opportunities. While aimed specifically at overseas investors, the book is of equal use to American investors, too.

The book takes the reader through each step of establishing goals, setting up an investment structure, finance, banking, and taxation, and a range other topics. Included FAQs and an extensive glossary make the information easily accessible even to the novice investor, as well as more experienced readers.

Buying America the Right Way is available to purchase in both paperback and ebook formats at Amazon and other major online booksellers.

Here is what some readers have had to say about the book and about Alpha Opportunities:

“This book is an essential starting point when deciding how to protect your future asset purchases.”

– Sean Adams, International Investment Consultant, London, UK

“If you felt lost when it comes to successful real estate investment in the US, this book will not only show you the correct way, but will also give you good guidance to avoid myriads of traps.”

– Apares Chakrabarti, Investor, Queensland, Australia, and Kolkata, India

“In his book you find all those suggestions that come from experience and that you need in order to have successful investments. You are guided in detail in those technical aspects that can be easy if you know, but can turn into big problems when you don’t.”

– Matteo Gallini and Sabine Mannequin, Investors, Swieqi, Malta

“In ‘Buying America the Right Way’ Frank Yacenda gives some great advice on investing in properties in the US.  The book is well written and very easy to understand.  Frank gives examples of ways to structure the ownership of such properties and how these examples can be used in different situations.  He also comments on the complex tax issues that can occur with these investments, and what can happen if you do not file correctly.  Investing in US properties is not as daunting as some might make it seem and this book proves that.”

– Lisa Boucher, Greenback Tax Services, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

“Excellent book on investing in real estate in the United States. Frank is an expert on protecting your real estate purchases and property investment strategies. I wish I had read this book before I started investing in the U.S. I found it very informative.”

– Dean Woodward, Investor, New South Wales, Australia

“I wish I had read this book before investing! I was very very lucky to find you – you have been a great mentor and have always pointed me in the right direction. And thanks to you, my asset protection is properly in place.”

– Rory Gordon, Investor, Victoria, Australia

“The content is perfect in every respect and it suits a global market. I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone considering investing in the U.S. The assistance, advice, guidance, support and friendship provided by the author has been an immeasurable benefit to so many investors over so many years. I have the utmost confidence in the author and the information contained in the book and recommend his services without reservation.”

– John Bone, Investor, Investment Adviser, and Software Developer, Victoria, Australia