Street Address Service

MailWe offer a professional commercial street address service. This is not a post office box, which is unacceptable to most banks, insurance companies, and other service providers, and won’t accept deliveries from courier services like FedEx or UPS. It is a commercial street address you can use for all your business and personal mail and shipments.

Whether you’re outside the country and need a U.S. address or if you’re in the U.S. but want the privacy and convenience of having a mail service handle your mail, we’ve got the solution for you.

We accept your mail for you and inform you by email what, in a brief description, you’ve received. You can then ask that the item be scanned and emailed to you, forwarded to you, held, or destroyed. The choice is yours, and your privacy is strictly protected.

Many of our overseas clients find that it’s advantageous to order items from U.S. sources and have the merchandise shipped to them overseas. We offer that parcel remailing service to our clients, too. And our rates beat just about every competitor out there. Our annual service is just $154 (12 months for the cost of 11). Page scans are just 60 cents each ($1.20 minimum). Our forwarding rates begin at just $3 plus postage or shipping cost. Price around and we doubt you’ll find anyone that even comes close. And our service is second to none.


Click here to request our Street Address Service. Your service can begin as soon as we receive your order and confirm a box number to you.


Read what some of our clients have said about our Street Address Service:

“Having a street address was one of the best pieces of advise for a relatively small fee, for without it it’s nearly impossible to fill out forms. I’m looking into a U.S. phone number now as I’ve found that many applications require a U.S. number and they don’t accept an Australian number. I’ve also found it cheaper to use my U.S. address when purchasing online for delivery costs and that some companies simply don’t accept overseas delivery when shopping online.”

– Andrew Thomas, Investor, New South Wales, Australia

“I have no hesitation in recommending Frank Yacenda’s and Alpha Opportunities’ services to any person looking for a full and ongoing service provider for your entities and mail in the U.S. His attention to detail is outstanding. You will not be disappointed.”

– Monica van Riet, Investor, South Australia, Australia

“Thank you for getting back to me on this on a Sunday evening. Yes, please proceed with the address. Hope to have happy business with you for the months and years to come!”

– Jackson Yin, Victoria, Australia